How to Find the Right Haircut for Your Face Shape

April 25, 2018

The Perfect Haircut For Your Face Shape  

When your heart falls hard for a trendy new cut or style, it’s tough not to sprint to the stylist, picture in tow, and ask her to start chopping on the spot. But aiming for an exact replica can be a risky move: “I always tell clients the absolute best cut is 50 percent what you want, and 50 percent what works best with your face shape,” says Pureology Artist Jessie Richardson. Know which styles flatter you before you start your next new hair hunt: It’ll lead to less heart-break and more flattering selfies. 

The Shape: Round

What to skip: “Avoid styles that hit right at the jawline, along with any cuts that add width to the sides of your face—both will emphasize an already circular face shape,” says Richardson.

The Best Round-Face Haircuts: Bob haircuts or lobs that hit below the chin (ideal length: a cut that grazes your collarbone or falls at the middle of the neck) and have choppy or piecey ends add structure to the soft edges of your face, says Richardson. Meanwhile longer cuts with soft, long layers (you don’t want the layers to hit too high up or you’ll add volume to your face) can have a slimming effect. “Because we want to add height, and not width, to round faces, I love using Clean Volume Instant Levitation Mist to add light lift to the roots—it’s a great second day hair re-styler, too, if you need a boost,” says Richardson.


The Shape: Oval

What to skip: Lucky you—oval-shaped faces can get away with most haircuts. Just don’t brag to your friends.

The Best Oval-Face Haircuts: Take advantage of your flexibility to rock that piecey pixie cut or the severe, asymmetrical bob you saw on your favorite celebrity. Love bulk? You can handle it—shags, big waves and those trendy curtain bangs looks great, too.


The Shape: Narrow

What to skip: “If you’ve got a long, narrow face, avoid long, straight styles that don’t offer any texture or density—they’ll just drag your face down,” says Richardson. 

The Best Narrow-Face Haircuts: Adding a fringe (whether it’s textured, wispy, blunt, or heavy and full) is a game-changer—it’ll instantly balance out a longer face shape. Cuts that offer width or density through the sides (like face-framing layers and soft waves) or create sharp, architectural lines and structured corners, like a choppy bob, are flattering as well, says Richardson. Opt for a thickening spray like Fullfyl Densifying Spray to bring on the body and add all-day hold.


The Shape: Heart

What to skip: If you’ve got a wider brow and narrow chin, be wary of bobs that fall right along your jawline, since they’ll emphasize the pointiest part of your face.

The Best Heart-Face Haircuts: Opt for styles that add fullness and body to the bottom half of your face for balance: long lobs, shoulder-length loose waves, and deep side parts will bring focus and movement away from your brow, says Richardson. She likes Fullfyl Shampoo and Conditioner for anyone whose got fine hair and could use some added body and texture. Looking for a short haircut? A pixie cut will draw attention to your standout cheekbones and eyes, as will a side-swept or textured fringe.


The Shape: Square

What to skip: Cuts and layers that make a hard stop at the chin, along with heavy, blunt bangs, can accentuate the width of a square jaw.

The Best Square-Face Haircuts: Styles that hit above or below the jaw flatter your strong angles best: try long, layered waves for added softness, shoulder-length lobs, or textured, soft pixies which can add roundness to your face-shape and make cheekbones pop. A deep side part, or asymmetrical style will counterbalance any boxy angles, too.