How To Wear A Textured Look and Still Show Off Your Color

April 25, 2018

How to Score Textured Hair That Still Looks Vibrant and Healthy

 Perfectly mussed-up hair (the kind every off-duty model seems to rock these days) looks effortlessly cool, and it isn’t rocket science to create if you’ve got the right styling spray. But rocking a textured look does come with one caveat: “If you’re using the wrong tools, textured hair can leave once vibrant color looking flat or dull for a number of reasons,” says Pureology artist Jamie Wiley. For starters, some texture styling products are made with color-zapping alcohol and sulfates, and piecey styles (whether you’ve got natural kinks or create them on your own) don’t reflect light the same way smooth hair does, which can create a matte effect. When textured hair moves into frizzy territory (a problem loads of women deal with, says Wiley), color doesn’t tend to come through as strong, and all that spring and summertime sun exposure can do a number on your hue. Womp, womp. Ready for some good news? With the right texture product and TLC, you can rock a roughed-up look that still shows off your gorgeous color, plus plenty of shine and movement.

Use a Protective Texture Spray

“The first step is to use a natural texture spray with UV filters that shield hair from the dulling effects of sun damage,” says Wiley. She recommends Wind Tossed Texture Finishing Spray, which is built with a special Antifade Complex that effectively blocks UVA and UVB rays from hair, similar to a sunscreen without the goop and grease. With sunflower seed extract blended in to the spray, you can bank on weightless shine, too. “This spray is amazing for adding texture without any crunch or buildup,” says Wiley. To use, hold the can six to eight inches away from dry hair, and mist lightly throughout. Then use your fingers to twist sections of hair, and apply low heat to the twists in a downward direction. Shake hair out and continue to use your fingers to shape and mold more texture into hair. (You can add more texture spray as needed for definition and hold.)  


Keep Hair Hydrated and Healthy

“Rich looking color has a lot to do with the health of your hair, so it’s super important to use a shampoo and conditioner targeted toward your hair needs,” says Wiley. If you suffer from dryness, Wiley suggests bringing moisture back with the Hydrate Shampoo + Condition Duo; or if you’ve got damage or breakage, try the Strength Cure Shampoo + Condition Duo. (Both are sulfate-free and are formulated to protect color-treated hair so you don’t have to worry about rinsing out those vibrant hues from the salon.) Want to add even more shine and softness to your textured style? Treat hair weekly to a mask with nourishing ingredients like avocado oil and coconut oil (try the Hydrate Superfood Treatment), which you can count on to combat mattifying frizz.


Turn Down the Heat

Super-hot showers don’t just dry out your skin, they can open up your hair’s cuticle, speeding up the rate at which color washes down the drain. A shot of cold water on your hair at the end of the shower can help lay the cuticle flat and enhance shine, says Wiley, but for those who can’t stand a cold shower (so, everyone?) your best bet is to keep the temp toasty warm—not scalding hot. Cutting back on your regular use of hot tools will keep hair looking healthy and vibrant for longer, too. (On low key days, pass on the blow dry and try using a conditioning air dry cream like Hydrate Air Dry Cream for a smooth, controlled style.) Another option: skip the styling process and revive yesterday’s look with dry shampoo.